Sour Diesel


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                      Sour Diesel Weed Strain


Sour Diesel Strain: For Fast-Acting, Long-Lasting Energy

Parents: Unknown | THC: 20-25% | CBD: 0.28% | CBN: 0.01%

This fast-acting strain delivers energizing, dreamy cerebral effects that have pushed Sour Diesel to its legendary status. Stress, pain, and depression melt away in long-lasting relief making Sour Diesel a top choice among medical patients. Buy marijuana online

⦁ Happiness
⦁ Upliftedness
⦁ Energy
⦁ Euphoria
⦁ Relaxation

⦁ Soothes Depression
⦁ Soothes Headaches
⦁ Soothes Anxiety
⦁ Stress Relief
⦁ Pain Relief
⦁ Counters Fatigue

Side Effects
⦁ Dry Mouth
⦁ Dry Eyes
⦁ Paranoia
⦁ Dizziness

The Sour Diesel Experience
Sour Diesel’s energized, and positive high makes it easy to see why the strain is enjoyed by so many. Its combination of physical and mental effects makes it versatile enough to suit the user’s purpose. cheap dab carts

Sour Diesel is a legendary strain distinguished amongst cannabis lovers the world over. It’s known for its “gassy” chemical smell with a mostly sativa head high and also some subtle physical indica relaxation, making it popular among recreational and medical users alike. Because the underground cannabis market of the 1980s and 90s operated without any lasting documentation, the exact origins of the strain are unknown.

Sour Diesel Strain has round, medium-sized buds with leaves that appear yellowish-green and teeming with red hairs on top of the densely-packed structure. Similarly, the exterior flowers are somewhat sticky with a moderate amount of trichomes. Nevertheless, breaking open buds reveals trichomes coating the insides of the dense flowers. heavy hitters cartridges

Sour Diesel Strain

The buds have an overpowering smell that, true to this strain’s name, is very similar to gasoline with hints of orange. When ground, the buds intensify this scent and add components of musk and pine sap. Its also known for its notoriously harsh, unpleasant smoke that can cause users to cough or make their sinuses water. Sour Og Strain

The smoke also has a pungent and vaguely skunky taste that may be described as unpleasant; on the exhale, the diesel and almost ammonia-like tang sting the palate and may linger for a long time afterward. Buy Sour Diesel Strain

The high from comes on instantly in the form of a warm and pleasant head rush. Likewise, users will notice an uplift in mood and may feel chatty if surrounded by others. Additionally, the sense of euphoria that comes with this variety may help treat some symptoms of mild stress, anxiety, or depression. buy mexedrone usa

Its tendency to lead to associative thinking may also provoke a bit of creative inspiration. Fans of the strain also describe relief from troublesome aches and pains. Finally, Sour Diesel has an average-length high that lasts about 2 to 3 hours. exotic dab carts

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