Cali Kush Bomb

Cali Kush Bomb


Cali Kush Bomb Strain


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                     Cali Kush Bomb Strain

Cali Kush Bomb Strain: Perfect for Energy and Chattiness

Parents: Anesia Seeds and Sumo Seeds | THC: 15-20%

One is a balanced pure indica created by the Netherlands-based company Sumo Seeds. The other is an indica-leaning hybrid bred by Anesia Seeds from Spain. Sumo Seeds’ indica Cali Kush is a cross between award-winning Mendocino Purps and staple indica LA Confidential. Buy hybrid weed online

⦁ Relaxed
⦁ Happy
⦁ Uplifted
⦁ Euphoric
⦁ Hungry

⦁ Headaches
⦁ Stress Relief
⦁ Depression
⦁ Pain Relief

Side Effects
⦁ Dry Mouth
⦁ Dizzy
⦁ Paranoid
⦁ Dry Eyes
⦁ Anxious

Cali Kush Bomb Strain

The Cali Kush Strain Experience

Cali Kush must have been a no-brainer when it came time to name this strain given the popularity of Kush varieties in The Golden State. Its buds are large and dense with few leaves and not many pistils. The flowers will be light green shot through with icy blue and packed with trichomes throughout. Cali Kush buds have a fruity citrus aroma with the darker coffee notes of a kush. Spicier tones and the coffee kushness are more apparent in the taste. The indica-dominant variation of this hybrid has been more popular, but a sativa-dominant version has also been spotted.

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