At we strive to make things better and easy to use, We upgrade with recent technology  to make payment easy and anonymous for our clients. We now introduce the use of BITCOIN as a payment method here on our website.

What is BITCOIN?

How do i buy BITCOIN?

For all orders that you place and pay via Bitcoin you get 10% off the total cost of the order. This applies only for orders paid for using bitcoin. It does not apply for orders paid for using Cashapp or PayPal etc.

After you must have visited the product pages and picked out the particular medication or party powder that you are interested in placing an order for, you can check out and select BITCOIN as the payment method and enjoy a 10% discount. At the end of the check out page you will see our BITCOIN payment wallet that is our address to use to send us the bitcoin you just bought. (HOW TO BUY BITCOIN).


Payment Terms We accept all major payments via Cash app and PayPal.

Method of sending Payment.

After locating any nearest Money Gram agent office near you please visit in person there. Or you can use online credit card service provided by Money Gram to send your payments to us. Use the information provided in the E-mail sent from us to you at the end of completing an order. After sending the payment, please send us your payment details or send us an email with the required payment retrieval information at: [email protected]

Once the payment is confirmed, your order will be shipped.


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